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"Playing together and welcoming one-armed golfers from the United Kingdom and overseas is our reward for helping to rehabilitate people who have suffered trauma by losing an arm or the use of an arm," -Malcolm Guy

-One Armed Golfers Compete in World Championships at Tynecastle

-Champness shows he has six appeal

It's not all pencil pushing you know, the lads of the Society enjoy a good drink joke in the bar just as much (if not more) than the next guy! Here's a piece from TIME Magazine.

"We tell the young lads, If you want to join the society, get yourself a motorbike," says Peter Priscott, a member of the British group, referring to the disproportionate number of members who have lost arms in cycle wrecks. Lusk greets buddies with "high stumps" all over the course. At his first society tournament in Scotland, David Bailey--another motorcycle casualty--walked into a bar with an axe. Confused members wondered what the hell the new guy was doing. He then unbuttoned his collared shirt to reveal a T shirt that read "RECRUITING OFFICER--SOCIETY OF ONE-ARMED GOLFERS".